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Terror Zones in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Last updated: 4/9/2024

Terror Zones: A new high-reward, high-experience gameplay mechanic introduced in patch 2.5

What Are Terror Zones?

Terror Zones are areas which have mosters spawn at a higher level than they usually would. That means increased experience gains and the likelihood of discovering high level Unique and Set items. Every monster in these zones has an increased level based on whoever created the game.

How do I unlock Terror Zones?

Once you have killed Baal, you will be able to create games with the options of "Terrorized". Games which have been created with terror zones enabled are identified by the Terrorized icon

Monster and Area Level Adjustments

The game creator's Character Level sets the difficulty of the game. There are Monster LVL caps based on the monster type and game difficulty:

• Normal: Base monsters +2 levels up to 45, Champions +4 up to 47, Unique +5 up to 48

• Nightmare: Base monsters +2 levels up to 71, Champions +4 up to 73, Unique +5 up to 74

• Hell: Base monsters +2 levels up to 96, Champions +4 up to 98, Unique +5 up to 99

Experience Gain

In Terror Zones, every monster is worth their full XP value, making the experience gains substantially higher. This new approach drastically shortens the time needed to reach level 99.

Terrorized Diablo Terrorized Diablo
Terror Waypoints Terror Waypoints

Exclusive Items in Hell Terror Zones

In Ladder, Season 2, we were introduced to Sunder Charms. These game-changing charms allow any character to break monster immunities, at the cost of negative resistance to themselves. You can read more about Sunder Charms Here

In Hell difficulty within Terror Zones, you can find items that were previously unattainable from basic monsters. In Hell Terror Zones, all monsters can drop TC87 loot, which is the highest level in the game. Usually, this level is exclusively for bosses like Baal and Champions in other TC87 areas.

Charm Name
Additional Stats
Removes Monster Magic Immunity
Decreases Magic Resistance from -45% to -65%
Removes Monster Physical Immunity
Increases Character Damage Taken by 10% to 20%
Removes Monster Cold Immunity
Decreases Character Cold Reisistance from -70% to 90%
Removes Monster Lightning Immunity
Decreases Character Lightning Reisistance from -70% to 90%
Removes Monster Fire Immunity
Decreases Character Fire Reisistance from -70% to 90%
Removes Monster Poison Immunity
Decreases Character Poison Reisistance from -70 to 90%