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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 4/9/2024

How it works


Use the search bar at the top or browse categories to find items you would like to buy. Items shown are specific to the realm you have active, which can be changed by clicking the flags at the top left side of the page. Currency selection allows for viewing item prices in your preferred currency, with accurate exchange rates. Our character builder has many of the most popular D2R builds, with many options of each slot to help guide you in creating a full and customized build that fits your tastes. If you aren't sure what items work best for a class, or simply want to learn more about the current meta, check out our guides.

Placing Orders

To place an order, simply make an account and/or fill out the checkout form and select your game platform. Then use one of many secure payment methods to make it official. You will then receive a receipt via Email and be redirected to your new order page where all relevant details, and status of the order, are displayed. Note, the page does not need to be reloaded, everything is live!


Payments: We only use the most secure and reliable payment processors such as Paypal and Stripe, which combined power the vast majority of payments on the web. All our methods are instant, and support 3D Secure so our customers may rest easy knowing their information is safe.

Website: We've built this platform using only the latest and greatest in web technologies, and we have taken great care to prevent malicious actors from accessing our systems - and user details. Your connection to this site is encrypted, which is indicated by the padlock appearing on the left side of your browser's address bar. Additionally, we've enlisted Cloudfare to provide DDoS and spam protection to be extra certain that everything is smooth.


How long does it take?

We always push to complete orders as fast as possible, hopefully within minutes. For some more complex orders, additional time may be needed to roll a runeword, or put everything together for you. However, most orders on PC are completed instantly using our AutoDelivery system. Console delivery times vary and will be done at the earliest convenience. Contact the relevant console account shown on your order. If an order takes more than 24 hours, please let us know by opening a conversation on your order page, and we'll be happy to resolve the issue, or provide a full refund. That said, if an order isn't being delivered as fast as expected, please be patient. We're working hard to always improve your experience, while handling a large volume of orders.

How do we meet up?

PC: Unlike other sites, we don't require your IGN (In-game name) or BattleTag. Instead, you can receive your order in a game of your choosing, at any time of day. More detailed instructions are included on your order's page when it becomes ready.

Xbox / Playstation: Simply send a private message to our delivery staff, whose identifier will be shown when your order is ready. Follow up will be in game / on console to complete the delivery.

I did the thing, it doesn't work!

We understand it can be frustrating to check all the boxes and still be unable to receive an order. However, it is usually because of a minor mistake or typo in a game name / password. Or, just not noticing the game was created on Americas when the delivery is set for Europe. All of that is no problem, your order page has detailed instructions and more delivery related FAQs to help you. If none of them resolve your issue, you may open a conversation on your order page to speak with us and we'll make quick work of it!

Realms, Cores, Ladders

Nope, not the kind you climb!

Ladders are part of Diablo's season / league system. Every few months, the Ladder will reset, and with it, all of your seasonal characters will be moved to Non-Ladder. Characters that are created on Ladder cannot share games (and therefore items) with Non-Ladder characters. Ladder characters have a green flag next to their name on the character selection screen in-game. Cores, such as Hardcore and Softcore are also divided by Ladder and Non-Ladder. Hardcore denotes a character that cannot be revived after death, losing all progress and items. The combination of Core and Ladder is usually referred to as a Realm, for example: Softcore Non-Ladder. Across the site, most items will have a small badge next to their name that says SCL or SCNL to indicate what realm they are on. Please take notice of these, because your character has to match this realm to be able to receive said items! To change the realm items and their prices are displayed in on the site, there's a handy realm select at the top left of all pages.

Servers / Regions

There are three servers / regions in D2R: Americas, Europe and Asia. Your characters exist on all of them, the only difference is how close you are to the server itself during play, affecting how responsive the game is. To change what region you are connected to, simply click the small globe icon right next to the Play button on your Battle.net launcher. Then, select what region you want to play on. The game client must be closed to change regions! So, if a delivery requires you to go to a specific region, you can easily switch to that region and make a game, get your items and move back to your preferred region afterwards.

Our team

The team at D2Stock is small, but tightly knit. Each one of us provides a unique skill set to help make our ambitions of building the best Diablo site of this type a reality. We started almost 10 years ago during the peak of Lord of Destruction to provide the diablo community with a safe and pleasant alternative to what was available at the time. The release of this brand new website marks a renewal of our commitment to serving you as best we can, but with a more crisp and responsive experience. Through the ups and downs, we've remained as top of our niche and we have our wonderful customers to thank for that .

Tech Stack

Svelte Logo

Proudly Svelte

Our choice of next generation frameworks is a careful one, having built many sites using different technologies over the years. However, Svelte remains the cleanest and most intuitive we've had the pleasure to use.

From the start, we knew we wanted something truly custom, that wasn't just a shiny coat of paint over a Wordpress backend or other CMS. As a result, we set out to write as much of the functionality ourselves, without UI libraries / prebuilt components or including too many bulky dependencies - Only the strict minimum. We wrote an entire product management system, caching strategy, data fetching paradigm, two-way communication, sitemaps generation, extensive SEO, event system and much more from scratch. For example: If multiple tabs of the site are open, adding a product to cart will happen in each one, and that state is persisted through stores with localStorage bindings.


If Cloudflare doesn't already have the requested content cached, our reverse proxy serves most things directly without inhibiting our core server. When a request does make it to the core, dynamic data and pages always remain separate and at the very least, data is cached by clients independently. Even while server-rendering a page, data is fetched using the same function(s), greatly simplifying data flow.

Our choice of database is PostgreSQL, it's fast, reliable and supports complex data types. To supplement it, we use Redis for short-lived data like caches, and sessions. Secure WebSockets, with a pub-sub event system built on top to handle live and time-sensitive happenings originating from server(s).

And that's it! Aside from the odd specialized crypto library, everything is homebrew. The best part? It runs very efficiently, even on low-end servers while being highly interactive and responsive.

If you would like to know more, or simply give a word of encouragement, our solo developer will be happy to respond at [email protected]