Arachnid Mesh

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Arachnid Mesh

Spiderweb Sash

Defense: 119-137

Durability: 12 of 12

Required Strength: 50

Required Level: 80

+1 to All Skills

+20% Faster Cast Rate

Slows Target by 10%

+90-119% Enhanced Defense

Increase Maximum Mana 5%

Level 3 Venom (11/11 Charges)

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🔥 Arachnid Mesh 🔥

➕ Positives:

  • +1 to All Skills: Broad enhancement for all character abilities.
  • +20% Faster Cast Rate: Helps many builds with their Faster Cast Rate hit point
  • Increases Maximum Mana 5%: Boosts available mana pool.
  • Slows Target By 10%: Slows down enemy movement and attack speed.

➖ Negatives:

  • Required Level 80: Can’t be used until late game.
  • No resistances: Lacks elemental resistance enhancements.
  • Limited Defensive Stats: Lacks robust defensive benefits beyond slowing effect.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected - Arachnid Mesh

Arachnid Mesh

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