What is your address? This must match your billing address for the order and payment method you've used

    ID Verification

    1. Take a piece of paper, and write the following: “I, [NAME], am placing and order for [D2STOCK] and authorise this transactions”.

    2. Add your signature to the page

    3. Place ANY officially issued form of identification (driver’s license, passport) or any other plastic card that shows YOUR NAME.

    4. Take a picture with your phone, so we can see the written text and the plastic card with your name on it.

    We have to have this verification process to ensure transactions carried out here are legitimate and not fraudulant. Thank you for understanding. You data will be handled properly, and deleted once our verification progress is complete.

    Address Verification

    1. Take a picture of a bill or similar which matches your billing address

    2. Upload the picture below

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