The Reaper's Toll

  • Diablo 2 Resurrected - The Reapers Toll Eth

    The Reaper’s Toll – Ethereal

    The Reaper’s Toll


    Two-Hand Damage: 52-61 to 611-717

    Durability: 33 of 33

    Required Dexterity: 79

    Required Strength: 104

    Required Level: 75

    Polearm Class – Fast Attack Speed

    33% Chance to cast level 1 Decrepify on striking

    +190-240% Enhanced Damage

    Ignore Target’s Defense

    Adds 4-44 cold damage

    11-15% Life stolen per hit

    +33% Deadly Strike

    Requirements -25%

    Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired)

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