Automatic leveling systems, item managers, droppers, rushing systems and many other tools are needed when Diablo 2 botting. We offer Diablo 2 bots and Diablo 2 scripts for many different purposes. What you see here is not limited to what we have, if you want a custom Diablo 2 bot then please contact us so we can understand your needs.

  • Diablo 2 Proxies

    Diablo 2 Proxies- Working Proxies for Diablo 2

    These D2 proxies can be used on all realms online with If you need to connect multiple instances or multiple times to Diablo 2, then you will need to be using proxies.


    Diablo 2 Proxys from D2Stock are available in US or EU, and are SOCKS5.

    We offer cheap Diablo 2 proxies with discounts when you buy multiple proxies.


    • Proxy Duration: 30 Days
    • Proxy Type: SOCKS5
    • Proxy Protocol: IPv4
    • Proxy Authorization: Username / Password



    How to use Diablo 2 proxies

    You will need to use proxy management software, such as Proxifier or Proxycap, we will provide you with a ipaddress / port / username / password. Add your proxies to your software, and assign them to application you want to run a proxy through. You can copy and paste your “game.exe” in your /Program Files/Diablo II folder to make multiple applications which you can run different proxies through. If you have any issues, we’re happy to help.

  • Diablo 2 Annihilus Anni Hunter Bot

    $0.00 Cashback
    • Diablo 2 Clone hunter script. When one of your profiles find a game with Diablo Clone, it will start this profile to run the script
    • Starts a Anni Hunter profile when one of your Magic Finders has Diablo Clone spawn in its game
    • Hunter joins the game and kills Diablo Clone, mules the Anni and moves to next job
    • The profile will automatically start and stop the profile when needed
    • You can have multiple hunters per realm
    • Works on all realms
    • Can be used for mass Anni hunting / and doing your own walks if you have SOJ’s to sell
    • Once the clone is dead, the Magic Find character will be told to proceed to next game, until then it will sit for a configurable amount of time
    • It can automatically turn off your Torch Runner, and use this character for killing Diablo Clone, then turn the Torch Runner back on once its finished killing him.

    Important things to note:

    • This is not a standalone product – You must have a working Kolbot installation for this to work (download for free here:
    • You need to be familiar with Kolbot and have an understanding of how to use it
  • Diablo 2 Automatic Leveling Bot

    $0.02 Cashback

    Bot Last Update: 16th November 2020

    Diablo 2 Self Leveling Bot (Sorc.js)

    • 100% handsfree, simply click play and your sorceress will begin in act 1 at level 1, and play through the entire game.
    • There are no limits on the amount of sorcs you can run, other than CD keys and Proxies
    • Works online on all realms.
    • Takes around 8 – 14 hours for your character to be running Magic Find in Hell.
    • Creates characters and accounts for you, you can name the characters and accounts or let it create accounts for you.
    • Automatically saves items to mule accounts. Check out the dropper
    • Quest bug, for extra loot drops when Magic Finding
    • Works with Classic and Expansion
    • Magic Finds continuously once all of the quests are finished, automatically.
    • Solo Blizzard Sorceress Only
    • Will create and equip Runewords automatically to improve gear
    • Will auto equip itself from the items which it finds during the runs, getting stronger and stronger.
    • Sets all of the skills and stats throughout the runs, no need for any intervention
    • Automatically hires a mercenary, and re-hires a better mercenary when in Hell
    • Automatically equips mercenary items and Runewords.
    • Once it has finished leveling from the start, you can leave the sorceress to magic find forever. You don’t need to intervene once the leveling process is done. Your sorceress can continue to run for an entire season and it will get better and better as it goes.
    • Comes with an improved Kolbot folder with core improvements to all standard scripts.
    • NEW Continuous mule is included – A vastly improved version of the standard mule. The mule stays in a set game and your Sorcs will drop the items into this game. This means less realm downs, and more Sorcs can be used for 1 mule.
    • Comes with an advanced Pickit which covers most of the items in the games that you would like to keep.
    • Comes with Manual.js for Free – A manual play script with Maphack, auto potions, auto teleport, commands, dropping and picking items. Moves items from inventory to stash. Shift click items into stash. Makes playing manually much easier.

    Important things to note: You are buying a level system to be used on the D2BS Kolbot system. This is a curated collection of scripts. Please note these scripts are regularly improved, and updates come as part of buying this product. You will need to have ping of under 200 for this bot to work.


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